Pop-Up Party Packages

“All The Fun With None Of The Stress”


Birthday Bash Party Package

Spectrum’s Birthday Bash Party Package is meant for individuals of all ages who seek to host a festive celebration on their special day. With a sundae bar and cotton candy machine included, you are guaranteed to have sweet-filled festivities. The bungee trampolines and laser tag set-up will be an apt way to entertain your guests. From lights to speakers, this package covers everything you need to have a blast on the day that celebrates you!

Includes: Food, Speakers, Laser Tag, Sundae Bar, Cotton Candy Machine, Bungee Trampolines



NFL Party Package

The Sunday NFL football package was made in hopes to attract football enthusiasts who are committed to watching the sport! Spectrum is very diverse, from providing you a jersey you can wear to represent your favorite team, to wings, chips, and Soda; we have it all! Make your Sundays easier and invest in our Sunday NFL football package!

Includes: Food (wings, chips and salsa, assorted desserts), Drinks (water, soda, lemonade), Tables, Chairs, Decorations



Office Party Package

The Business Party Package is made in hopes to attract all VEI Firms. An assortment of food and drinks would be supplied, such as wings, burgers, pizza, and chocolate fondue. To make your party planning easier invest in our Business Party Package, our goal is to provide your company with an enjoyable time!

Includes: Wings Bar, Burger Bar , Pizza Station, Drinks (non-alcoholic), Chips/Fries Stand, Chocolate Fondue



Mardi Gras Party Package

Included is an assortment of masks, beads, and a speaker to keep all your guests entertained into the night! We bring everything to you, including the tables that will hold wings, chips, and a variety of soda for all your guests to enjoy. This limited time package will bring the festive vibe of Mardi Gras to you!

Includes: Speakers, Food (Wings, Chips, Soda), Drinks, Tables, Outfits and masks are included for all guests!


Movie Night Party Package

Too lazy to go to the movie theater? Bring it to your house with the Movie Night Party package from Spectrum! The giant projector screen and choice of two movies will allow you to have the experience you have been missing. To satisfy your dancing taste buds, Spectrum provides popcorn and slushie machines that ensure an authentic theater environment. The movie chairs and blankets will wrap you up in the warmth of the film that unfolds in front of you. Invite friends and family and impress them with your ability to recreate a movie theater feeling in your house!

Includes: Projector/screen , Popcorn machine, Candy bar, Blankets, Movie chairs, Soda machine/slushie machine, Choice of two movies



Saturdays Are For The Boys Party Package

The Saturdays Are For The Boys Package was made for groups of friends who are dedicated to spending their Saturdays together. Spectrum gives you the power to select which items appeal to you and your boys the most as each package can be customized upon request. From a “Saturdays Are For The Boys” flag to burgers and buns, Spectrum is here to provide what you need!

Includes: Air hockey table, Food , XBox One(Games and monitors included) , Spike ball



House Party Package

Introducing Spectrums House Party Package. We seek for our customers to throw the best parties in your own house. We supply a variety of food drinks and an exclusive live Dj to get the party started. So get ready to experience the spectrum house party package filled with games and much more.

Includes: Speakers , Food/Drinks, Tables, Lights , Live DJ, Air hockey table



Pool Party Package

Spectrum’s Pool Party Package is meant for individuals of all ages who seek to have a enjoyable time, making the party worthwhile. Our high energy pool party package provides everything from a ice cream truck and a lemonade stand to a basketball hoop and volleyball net. The Pool Party Package will fit all your needs and desires.

Includes: Giant beach balls, Food, Speakers and a stereo set, Inner tubes, Lemonade Stand, Ice Cream Truck, Basketball hoop/Volleyball Net



Girls Night Package

The Girls Night Package was made for groups of friends who want to have a uplifting time together. The package provides everything you would typically need, such as movies, food, and a spa kit. Spectrum gives you the power to select which items appeal to you and your girls the most as each package can be customized upon request. We are here to provide you what you need.

Includes: Food, Pizza Stand, Choice of Movies, Milkshake Kit, Spa Kit



Graduation Party Package